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Hosea House is about the restoration of women's lives through Christ- no matter the issues that keep a woman bound:  substance abuse, poor decision making, abusive relationships, or addictions. At a time when the awareness of the need for Women's Recovery is so prominent, Hosea House is uniquely equipped to help women experience restoration in their lives.

The home is for adult women, with or without children, who may not have sufficient family support, life skills or fortitude to provide for themselves or their children: physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Hosea House provides a supervised, disciplined and loving home from twelve (12) months up to two (2) years. Ministerial counseling and intensive Bible studies are the core of daily life in Hosea House. The family model is employed so that loving support is experienced among the residents and from the staff. Much is learned from the constant interaction between residents as they live life together in the home. Women with young children in the home are encouraged to have nurturing time with their children, and are taught sound mothering skills.

Hosea House is not a crisis shelter. It is a home for those who hunger for change and are willing to work towards improvement in their lives, for their sakes and their families.

God's heart for Hosea House:

"It was I who taught Ephraim to walk, I who had taken them by the arms; but they did not know that I had harnessed them in leading strings and led them with bonds of love - that I had lifted them like a little child to my cheek..."

Hosea 11:3-4  (New English Bible)

Hosea House is a branch of Greater Love World Outreach Ministries of Burlington, NC. Pastor Ron Harris, overseer.
Hosea House is a 501-c-3 ministry so your donations are tax deductible.
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