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Requirements for Residency

. Must be a woman, 18 years or older.


. Must not be pregnant.


. Must show proof of just having completed detox, or test negative for alcohol, drugs and marijuana upon arrival.


. Must be willing to commit to a 12 month residency.


. Children from4 months old to 6 years may be allowed to live at Hosea House after the resident in good standing has been there at least 4 months. An exception may be made for a child to come before 4 months if required by a court or a government agency. No more than one child per mother in residency.


. Must give up all cell phones, computers, electronic devices and tobacco products during residency.


. Must follow all house rules and submit to and respect staff authority.


. No mood-altering medications, pain killers, anti-depressants, sleep aids, or OTC medications with drowsiness as a side effect.


. Must not be a registered sex offender.


. A very serious medical condition may prevent acceptance to residency.


. Must be willing to give up employment for at least 6 months.


. Must understand that all phone communications and visits are monitored, and all written correspondence is read by the Director and/or House Manager.


. Resident does not have to be Christian, however, all counseling is from a Biblical perspective. A resident may not opt-out of church attendance, prayer meetings or Bible studies because of a differing faith.

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